I'm looking for a new job

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This is a rather messy piece of writing, but I figured it made sense to write it 🙂

Having multiple options and comparing them always be significant, regardless of the outcome of the final decision.

You can hire me

I'm currently working for a Japanese company based in Tokyo.

For the following reasons, I am looking for a software engineer position at an overseas company:

  • The economic situation in Japan is not favorable, and I'm not satisfied with the salary at my current company
  • I want to broaden the scope of companies I can work for, regardless of the country

Following are my general info:

  • I'm a software engineer with 4 years of experience
  • I mostly write TypeScript, Rust and Documents
  • I'm a fan of Open Source
  • I like safety development and developer experience
  • I know how comment and documentation is important for sustainable development
  • I have experience in SaaS (community platform, data-ops platform) and Ad (digital signage)
  • I love collaborating with cool people on cool projects!

If you are interested, please reach out to me via X (Twitter) DM (to the above account).