What I use.


  • Arc - Arc is the Chrome replacement I’ve been waiting for.
  • Spotify - Mainly for music. Introducing serendipity by recommendation.
  • Scrapbox - An app that turns your notes into knowledge. I have accumulated almost all of my experience and knowledge.
  • Todoist - A To-Do List to Organize Your Work & Life
  • Raycast - A blazingly fast, totally extendable launcher.
  • AltTab - Windows alt-tab on macOS.
  • Bitwarden - A freemium open-source password manager.
  • PostCoffee - A coffee subscription for specialty coffee based on preferences (Japan Only). You can use my coupon code: coffee-u8wgk7
  • neat.run - A heads-up display of the most important updates to your codebase.
  • Timing - Timing saves you time by automatically tracking your time.