2023 to 2024

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2023 Wrap up

  • Graduated from grad university and got a Masters’ degree
  • Started a new job in Tokyo based company and relocated to Tokyo
  • Embraced the challenge of learning new technologies for me (Scala, Kotlin, GraphQL, Android, AWS, etc.)
  • Worked on OSS (especially Biome)
  • Discovered a passion for Futsal (beginner level)
  • Caught up on Premier League highlights (but not fullgames 😂)
  • ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot have changed our development


  • Stagnant: I didn't get a sense of much growth.
  • Weak sense of ownership (especially on work): I've been too focused on the code base that I'm responsible for.
  • Irregular hours: Sleep and meal times are quite irregular.
  • Point of effort: I want to make sure that I'm focusing my efforts on the right things.

Theme for 2024

  • Tidy lifestyle: especially sleep and meal!
  • Expertise: Align with interests
  • English: Take some exams, IELTS?
  • Revenue: exploring new revenue streams

Do in 2024 (Numerical targets are not decided yet)

  • Gain weight and sleep regularly (wrote at 4:10 AM)
  • Spread my favorite things
  • Launch a personal project with full ownership
  • Streamline my life to eliminate unnecessary burdens
  • Use English more (I'm struggling to keep up with the OSS discord channel😅)
  • Think about my career
  • Participate in Futsal more

In 2023, the results were unsatisfactory in many respects. I am not performing well at work. But there is no particular excuse. I found my own issues to fix.

I couldn't contribute much to Biome's feature implementation this year. I need to build up my fundamentals.

Time will only solve so much. Not be pessimistic, be insensitive to failure, and avoid getting bogged down by trivialities.

I caught a cold during the holiday season and had no updates. As it heals, it will gradually become active. Thank you for all your help in 2023.